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Mitsutoshi Takesue is the owner of organ, a long-established select store located at the west exit of Ohashi Station in Hakata. He has spent the last 30 years traveling around the world to collect "lovely things" from France, Sweden, Finland, and other countries. And what we can see from them.

Even the sound is similar? A collection of Michael's very famous "Thriller" pose jacket.

Guangzhou is a vast port city and a major economic center in the northwest of Hong Kong. We received a report from inoken, who works as a photographer and apparel designer, and also organizes club events and creates graphic arts.

An interview of Page Sargisson, a founder and a creator of jewelry brand "Page Sargisson". This Brooklyn-based independent creator changed her way of business drastically in late 2020, and her activity was reported in The New York Times.

Xiamen is a beautiful city in the southern part of Fujian Province, China. DFU is a creator who runs "Thank you cafe bar" in this exotic city, and transmits music and culture.We asked him to report on his unique private life in Xiamen.

TYPOLOGY EVERYWHERE" originated with Mr. and Mrs. Becher and introduces an archive of people who take photographs under the theme of typology. The first installment is "Typology for Traces of Gable Roofs" by photographer Shosuke Miyake.

Sapporo-based artist Toshihiko Shibuya's land art project "Snow Pallet" is a simple yet beautiful installation that uses outdoor objects to create vivid colors on the snow. This year's "Memories of Winter", the 13th in a series of four-month long installations at the Sapporo Park Hotel, is a warning to the people of Hokkaido about global warming, as the amount of snowfall in the island is decreasing every year.

Yoshitaka Goto's solo exhibition will be held at Gallery Japanesque, Kyoto Museum of Photography from March 9. His photographs, which transcend time and space, are created by multiple exposures using a film camera, and combined with his analog techniques, he professes to be a photographic expression of the world of Christopher Nolan.

We are pleased to introduce Tae Parvit for the first time in Japan. He is a talented young contemporary artist based in Bangkok, who has been actively showing his works in solo and group exhibitions in Thailand and abroad.

Malaysia-based artist Aiwei Foo suggests a new formation of everyday tools and art that seems absurd, created by the inconvenience of the lockdown period. Let's take a look at her experimental project.

The exhibition is currently being held at "Art Stage" on the 9th floor of Hankyu Department Store Umeda. Introducing the fantastic paintings of Kentaro Kobuke, who uses a unique method of drawing directly with colored pencils on natural wooden boards, evoking images taken from myths and fairy tales.

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As a music selector, producer and publisher of freedom dictonary, Moich Kuwahara continues to lead the Japanese counterculture.Interview with Mr. Kuwahara, who moved his base to Kyoto at the end of 2020, about his Now & Then

Ardneks is an illustrator from Indonesia. He has been active in a wide range of fields, from artwork for the music scene in Indonesia and abroad to magazine advertisements and providing graphics for fashion brands. We will reveal the secrets of his creativity through the many gadgets that have influenced him as an artist.

Stars Below:Indonesian photographer Evelyn Pritt's photographs remind us of the brilliance of small lives.

Akira Takayanagi, a Tokyo-based artist. He draws every day. His Instagram is full of heart-warming, subtle but impressive paints.

In Spring 2020, London-based creative director Terry McKeown wrote about his awareness and creativity during lockdown and isolation/eye-solation.

A collection of jackets for the 2020s, when it's no longer cool to light a cigarette and strike a pose.

The city where the new virus originated, seemed very far away at 7,500 miles but it is an 11-hour flight. A personal note from a struggling citizen, Cynthia Romanov, in an unprecedented pandemic and the US, entering a state of confusion.

- Corona outbreak began just after I had put down roots in Italy, my second home country. - Yuko Hosaka, who has been involved with Abruzzo, a provincial city in central Italy, for nearly 2 decades, wrote an article titled "Me, Italy, and the Corona Disaster Now.

Cone and the City" is a series of photographs of "landscapes with cones" that Chignitta founder Junhiro Taniguchi has been taking since 2010. Here we will focus on the relationship between graffiti and cones.

This is New York! The hustle and bustle of New York in the late 70s, as heard from the jacket of BOB JAMES' TAPPAN ZEE label.

Wear black tie, please.

A report from Katsu, a 25-year resident of Portland, about communal life in downtown and the suburbs, shaken by COVID-19 and BLM.

From the fieldwork of cone and the city. A triangular roofed Japanese house with a cone in the background.