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chignitta INTERVIEW

The group exhibition "You Want Some" started on May 3 at Chignitta. The participating artists joined with Makoto Ikeda, the curator of this point, for a gallery talk about their own works.

Contemporary Ukiyo-e Silkscreen Poster Exhibition started on April 8 at Chignitta. A gallery talk with Camille Beguin, an illustrator active in Switzerland.
Junzo Terada, her teacher from her days at Kyoto University of Art and Design (now Kyoto University of Art), and I listened to the talk.

Gallery talk at the current exhibition of Yoshitaka Goto's photographs at Chignitta Space. Since the exhibition is also a commemorative exhibition for the publication of his photo book "Mission," Mr. Nakane, owner of the publisher "233Press," joined us online for the talk. We talked about Goto's endless challenges in multiple-exposure landscape photography on film.

The following is a report on the gallery talk held on February 11 at the "Masahiro Nogami Photography Exhibition: The Quest for Americana" currently being held at Chignitta.

The following is a report on the gallery talk held on November 19 for "Nozomi Tojinbara's solo exhibition Trickster Doesn't Laugh," currently on view at Chignitta.

STAR CHILDREN" is a solo exhibition currently being held at "chignitta space" in Kyomachibori. Mr. Toyoda says that when he was 15 years old, he saw Taro Okamoto in his dream and thought of becoming a painter. Please also enjoy the video.

The calligraphy and painting exhibition "MALOWD" started at chignitta space on February 4. We have compiled the text of the gallery talk with Mr. Uemura. It is a heartwarming interview that shows the personality of Mr. Uemura, a calligrapher and the owner of the bar "MALOWD". Please enjoy the video as well.

This is the text of the gallery talk for Ryohei Yamashita's solo exhibition "HOPE," which started on December 10. He talks about the history of the painter Ryohei Yamashita and the appeal of his "dynamic" paintings. Please enjoy it with the video.

Gallery talk for Hajime Sakura's exhibition "Hip & Square," which started on November 19 at chignitta space.
Here is the text of the gallery talk held at the venue on November 20.