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Journal From The City of Paris. akari, a creator who moved to France with her artist partner. Stories of her life under a sky in Paris.

Guangzhou is a vast port city and a major economic center in the northwest of Hong Kong. We received a report from inoken, who works as a photographer and apparel designer, and also organizes club events and creates graphic arts.

Xiamen is a beautiful city in the southern part of Fujian Province, China. DFU is a creator who runs "Thank you cafe bar" in this exotic city, and transmits music and culture.We asked him to report on his unique private life in Xiamen.

In Spring 2020, London-based creative director Terry McKeown wrote about his awareness and creativity during lockdown and isolation/eye-solation.

The city where the new virus originated, seemed very far away at 7,500 miles but it is an 11-hour flight. A personal note from a struggling citizen, Cynthia Romanov, in an unprecedented pandemic and the US, entering a state of confusion.

- Corona outbreak began just after I had put down roots in Italy, my second home country. - Yuko Hosaka, who has been involved with Abruzzo, a provincial city in central Italy, for nearly 2 decades, wrote an article titled "Me, Italy, and the Corona Disaster Now.

A report from Katsu, a 25-year resident of Portland, about communal life in downtown and the suburbs, shaken by COVID-19 and BLM.