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welcome to IKU IKU ISLAND! 台湾から IKU IKU STUDIOが来日!

The next solo exhibition, starting on July 29 (Fri.), will be the first appearance at chignitta of the very popular Taiwanese illustrator IKU IKU STUDIO.
The exhibition will be entitled “IKU IKU! IKU IKU! REPUBLIC OF IKU IKU ISLAND” will appear in Kyomachibori!

IKUIKU STUDIO will come to Osaka from Taiwan for the exhibition, and will also hold a fun portrait workshop.
Don’t miss it!


After my working holiday in Australia ended in 2018, I returned to my hometown Changhua and founded the ikuiku studio. I am sending out a message to the world through my illustration work, “lust is an instinct and love is diverse.” I hope someday we can discuss sexuality casually like the way we discuss what we will have for breakfast!

Instagram: ikuikustudio


At this exhibition, her first solo show in Japan, rare works that are usually hard to find in Japan will be displayed and sold, including POP and kitschy original illustrations and goods. The cute illustrations with a fanny and cute touch will be exhibited with the slightly naughty meaning of “Iku! Iku! I’m going! Iku! IKUIKU STUDIO draws various kinds of “iku! Ikuku! will be presented as a world full of POP, kitsch, and happiness, and chignitta space will be filled with colorful, fun, and euphoric works throughout chignitta space.

And this is chignitta space’s first solo exhibition of an overseas artist, and this time IKUIKU STUDIO will be coming to Osaka from Taiwan and looking forward to interacting with visitors. With over 33,000 current Instagram followers, IKUIKU STUDIO is very popular not only in Taiwan but also in the world, and we hope you will enjoy his solo exhibition at chignitta space.




IKU IKU STUDIO comes to Osaksa!



IKUIKU STUDIO (小高潮色計事所) is a popular illustrator active in Taiwan.

In November 2021, her work was selected for the “TAIPEI ART BOOK FAIR × TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS ARTIST TEE COLLECTION” held at the BEAMS JAPAN TAIPEI in Taiwan. The name has attracted attention in Japan in the context of culture and fashion. His representative commissions include the main visual for the façade of Taiwan’s largest shopping mall, “Qimei Chengpin Green Garden,” and the main visual for Changhua Love Market, both in Changhua, Taiwan.

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IKU-chan’s Special Event in Japan!
IKU IKU STUDIO “Welcome to IKU IKU Island! *Immigration style portrait workshop


This is the immigration for the “Republic of Iku-Iku”.
IKU IKU, acting as an immigration officer, will be waiting for you.

IKU IKU-chan will draw your portrait on your special passport and plane ticket in the style of an immigration officer’s photo.

Be sure to get your very own, one-of-a-kind passport and a plane ticket!

To make reservations and apply in advance, please click the URL next to the date!
There are some options of dates & times, please choose your favorite time.

Participation fee: 1,800 yen (tax included)
She will make an original passport and airline ticket with your portrait.


Your special passport to ikuiku republic!

Your special passport to ikuiku republic!

An image photo of IKU IKU Island immigration office

iku iku studio Solo Exhibition

The first solo exhibition of an overseas artist at chignitta
Taiwan’s popular illustrator iku iku studio, a.k.a. iku-chan, will also visit Japan!

Exhibition period:
Friday, July 29 – Sunday, August 14
13:00 – 19:00 *Closed on Mondays

chignitta space
1-13-21 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

・Exhibition and sale of original illustrations, prints, and merchandises
・Portrait drawing event with the artist visiting Japan
・Gallery talk, etc.

Planning and Direction: Aya Shimohara
Exhibition cooperation: Kimuraya Liquor Store



Midosuji Line and Yotsubashi Line: 5 min. walk north from Exit 28 of Hommachi Station
5 min. walk south from Exit 7 of Higobashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line

■New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Prevention Measures
We ask for your cooperation in following the instructions of our staff to ensure that everyone can come to the event safely.