Chignitta Chignitta


This jacket project is a self-serving tribute to NONA REEVES Gota Nishidera, who recently held his first solo exhibition at Osaka's NOON club. This is a collection of jackets posed like Michael's very famous album "Thriller".

Michael's famous album "Thriller". The album is so famous that parodies of it have been produced, but I've omitted them. In short, the pose of Michael lying on the floor with his elbows and shoulders is a good design for LP (double-page spread) jackets. The way the title is placed on the left side is also a natural fit. I recommend Alfonzo, who loves Michael so much that he even sings like him on the cover. However, I wonder if it's a coincidence that the overall lineup is soulful, and there are some great Philly soul records in there. I hope you enjoy the mellow playlist. I didn't include "Beat It Tonight" or "Billie Jean" in the list. sorry.

Teddy Pendergrass / It's Time For Love (1981) Bunny Sigler / Keep Smiling (1974) Scott Baio / ST (1982) Luiz Claudio / ST (1978) Michael Jackson / Thriller (1982)Alfonzo / ST (1982) Dabuell / Intimate Fonk (2019) Finis Henderson / FINIS (1983) Dave Grusin / Mountain Dance (1980)