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Chignitta 2023 kicks off with an exhibition of works by Mick Itaya. Enjoy the world of Mick Itaya, an artist who is always working at the forefront of trends based on graphic design.

It's time for writer, editor, and translator Mikado Koyanagi's talk event "Mon oncle". will be held.

This exhibition features colorful American-style photographs taken in 1978 in and around Washington, D.C. by photographer Masahiro Nogami, who continued to photograph the Tokyo culture scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including documents of "Happiendo," which began with his interaction with Haruomi Hosono.

An exhibition of artwork collection owned by Hiroko Yamakawa, an art collector living in Kanazawa, will be held on the theme of her dog "Lassie".

Chignitta 2023 New Year's Party.
Everyone is welcome to come and join the party.

The light of life, the spark of the soul, and the stories of creatures from the sacred myths.
This solo exhibition by paper cutout artist riya is perfect for the Christmas season.

The following is a report on the gallery talk held on November 19 for "Nozomi Tojinbara's solo exhibition Trickster Doesn't Laugh," currently on view at Chignitta.

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition of Nozomi Karanihara, a Kyoto-based artist who is gaining attention as an emerging new painter.

80's city pop backstage classic, miraculously re-released!

PRESENTS "FEELING LIKE A CHILD" in celebration of the album release

Special Talk & DJ Event!

Workshops by members of the online community "Chignitta" have begun.
Two workshops will begin in November. We are looking forward to your participation.